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SWAP (Soccer With A Purpose) is a private training program created for the self-motivated player with a desire to improve his or her game to a level achieved only through hard work and dedication.

SWAP is designed to supplement the training that players receive from their individual soccer program or organization. While those organizations provide positive experiences and excellent coaching to aspiring soccer players, SWAP provides “personal attention” to each player and focuses on the small details of the game (and /or position); details which are oftentimes overlooked during team training.

Not every young soccer player aspires to play professionally. But virtually every young soccer player wants to improve his or her game. Some want to become better technically, some want to improve their fitness level, some want to secure a place on an all-star team or a high school team, while others simply want more confidence on the field. SWAP can meet any one of those desires – and more.

SWAP also focuses on improving the more competitive and developed player. Whether looking to excel in the ranks of Club Soccer, hoping to play college soccer, or even considering the professional ranks, SWAP can help. The “personal attention” given to each player is what makes SWAP different and powerfully effective.

SWAP provides four different training options for all age levels and experience:

  • Individual Sessions (One on One)
  • Buddy Sessions (Small groups of no more than 4 players)
  • Group Sessions (Minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10)
  • Team Training Sessions